Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why do you want to choose "PHOTOGRAPHY" and "WHY" would you buy a DSLR?...

I think this is the most common question people ask with a “weird” look when you start your journey in the PHOTOGRAPHY zone....“Out of all of the other hobbies out there, why I was drawn to photography?”..and then comes this more concern question from our Family/Parents/Guardian..Why do you have to buy a DSLR?..(ummm its a pretty EXPENSIVE HOBBY indeed)

In my case i always had a fascination toward "TAKING PICTURES" all the time..even sometimes my friends get frustrated (in a funny way though)..n someone even told me "I have to ask your mom if you were born with a cam??"..Actually I "WAS" born into it.I got that tipical gene from my family i must say..I have grown up with all the shutterbugs around me (though none ever said they were into Photography..they actually LOVE/LOVED taking pictures..capturing moments..thats it..Some of the B&W Portraits of my relatives taken by my Paternal Grand-father still amazes me..his sence of lights n shades was too cool(ummm sometime I THINK that B&W gene was somehow transported to me too cos I love GRAY portraits a lot more than colorful one)..My Dad still loves taking RANDOM pictures when we travel even if that’s with a disposable camera..he just LOVES taking pictures (n YES he is the BIGGEST critic of my pictures so far..n rarely likes them..he always find some flaw in every pictures :-/)..The person in my family who started "PHOTOGRAPHY" with large format SLR was my maternal Uncle (and i was his all time model)..and i used to WISH that "SOMEDAY" i will have those BIG camera n will take pictures like him (for him that was a is for me)..So it's also kind of a personal yearning for the way things used to be and a creative way for me to recreate parts of those emotions and experiences. With time i realized that "Photography" is that creative way i can express those emotions while still being tied to some sort of present tense visual reality. To me, it take you somewhere magical. Photography is an amazing stress reliever for me..a personal experience..a creative release..and a piece of my soul..Simply "I love it"!

I know some of you (who came along reading till this part) have this question in mind "why she is writing "BIOGRAPHY"!!..she was suppose to share some TIPS & TRICKS..right?"...the reason is i want YOU to "THINK"..this is the first step (or i should say the main Tricky Tip of all)..look inside and ask your self WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER? Is it for "FAME" it for "MONEY" it a "COMPETITION" with your friends (and "ENEMIES")..Though its a little funny (with due respect) when i heard some people want to buy "DSLR" only because they love to take pictures of their own (YES doing self-portrait if ABSOLUTE FUN) will definitely find a VALID reason..and when you will get that answer within..GO FOR matter what people say or obstacle you have to go through..just do NOTE some point in your mind (this is what i believe..n my very personal believe)

1. You are doing this for the sake of CREATIVITY..throw that "SHOW OFF" part on the bin..It will CHANGE your pictures INSTANTLY..

2. With time FAME & Money will come to your way ("IF" you want to take it as a Proffesion) dont rush for it..

3. Dont get into the "RAT RACE"..there are far more better "PHOTOGRAPHERS" in the line..try to stick eith your own thoughts n creativity..

4. THINK..THINK..n THINK MORE..This will IMPROVE you as a better person..n thus a Better Photo-catcher..

Stay Fabulous,

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