Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I..Me & Myself

~.::..My Name is Shahnaz M, I am a hobbyist photographer looking for a place to belong and not be looked at like I don't fit the stereotype. I use photography to show the world from my point of view because i can't sing a song to live, I can't write music of feelings, I can't perform an expressive dance. But i can document life, feeling, and expression in a photograph..worth more then a thousand words..::..~  

Photography is my passion. I enjoy creating images. Creative, distinctive, and passionate is what I envision for my images. When I am shooting, all the troubles of the world goes away, I am truly living in the moment. This is my form of art; this is how I release stress. I consider myself to be a "memory keeper", of sorts (I would rather consider myself a “picture freak”). Pictures, to me, hold pieces of everyone’s past; they are something to be treasured.

My other hobbies and leisure activities include Reading books, Listening Music n Watching movies. During my teenage days i looooooved collecting Autographs and YES i still love collecting them. So far my much treasured Autograph was from one of my most favorite Indian Bengali filmmaker and Author SATYAJIT ROY..creator of my All time "HERO" Prodosh Chandra Mitra aka FELUDA.

Most of my hours when im not working means using computers in a lot of different ways..I also squeeze in a lot of time to spend with my family and friends. I am thankful to my FAMILY and to all the wonderful people that had helped me throughout my photographic journey. I am still learning and having a great time in this journey.

Stay Fabulous,

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