Monday, December 17, 2012

Easy Photoshop HDR manipulation (Tutorial)

What is HDR?
HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. In other words, HDR photos cover a large exposure range, allowing for deeper contrast in both shadows and highlights. HDR photos are striking to look at, but the effect can easily be overdone.

There are two basic types of HDR photos. The first are true HDR composite photos, created by taking multiple shots of a subject at different exposures and combining them. The second technique involves using Photoshop effects and adjusting the shadows, highlights, and other settings.

Easy Photoshop manipulation to create a HDR photo without the actual (time-taking) HDR process.

  • We'll call the original layer "ORIGINAL", now duplicate ORIGINAL and place it above that layer. (We'll call this "BLACKWHITE")
  • Change the Blending option of BLACKWHITE to "Overlay"
  • Go to Image > Adjustements > Desaturate (SHIFT + CTRL + U)
  • Now invert BLACKWHITE: Image > Adjustements > Invert (CTRL + I)
  • And add a gaussian Blur to it (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur) around 40 pixels (This causes the so called 'bleeding' of the edges, tweak the amount to personal likings)
  • Now duplicate ORIGINAL and place it above BLACKWHITE, name this layer "LINEAR_LAYER"
  • Change the blending type of LINEAR_LAYER to "Linear Light"
  • Give LINEAR_LAYER an opacity around 62%. And you're done (For better results, tweak this percentage)

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